{Time management} Saving time in the kitchen


I was thinking about the things I do that really save me time.

My kitchen routine is one of them.

I only cook about twice during the work week but when I do cook, I cook at least two meals.

It works for me because I only have those two nights when

  1. the kitchen is a complete mess and every pot is used
  2. there is a lot of food prep
  3. it takes me about an hour

Something else we do which works GREAT but I only discovered last year are pre-diced onions. I saw them on Kevin and Amanda’s blog for the first time. These days we buy a bag of onions, put them all through the chopper and freeze them in 100g portions. It works great and we only need to do it once a month.

What are some of the things that save you time in the kitchen?

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  1. Yes it is a time saver! I started doing that 30 years ago, when I was single & worked long hours at the hospital. I was too exhausted to cook, so I tried recipes from magazines for 4 on my day off & divided them into single servings for my lunch or dinner. At the time I also had unbreakable dishes w/snap lids so I could arrange each serving w/ frozen vegetables (slice lasagna + green beans+ slice garlic bread on one plate) accompanied later by a fresh pre-made green salad. I filled my freezer w/ stacks of labeled dishes 🙂 Now I make double recipes in smaller lidded glass casserole dishes, label & freeze. I also use my crock-pot & freeze the leftovers, and we BBQ a lot w/fresh salads & fruit – less meat smell/mess in the kitchen. Sometimes I make up foil packets with seasoned vegetable medley that go on the grill w/ the fish or meats. I love to cook but there are so many things I want to do & so little time! These methods save time so not in the kitchen every night.

    • Marcia Francois says:

      Tika, you’re super organised. That sounds like quite the system. I would love to see a photo 😉


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