My eat the frog notebook and a notebook giveaway

Remember how I always talk about eating the frog?

If you’re a member of my newsletter list, there’s an eat the frog form in your welcome pack.

However, I’m probably getting too old or something… but more and more I feel the need to simplify. How this translates is that while I love printables, I’m getting tired of loose paper and the punched paper in a file doesn’t do it for me …. too cluttery *ahem*

So when I saw these little notebooks, I thought they’d be PERFECT to write down my 6 “eat the frog” items daily.

They’re small enough to take up very little space on my desk, undated so I can skip lazy days and have just enough space for 6 daily items.

Best of all, I got two so that one of you can get one too.

Normally, my giveaways are open to anyone worldwide but I don’t have extra energy at the moment to be running to the post office and standing in queues… I do have ONE set of stamps in my wallet to post this to a South African address though.

Would you like one of these?

Which colour is your favourite?

Just for fun, tell me one thing on your current to-do list.

Mine? Make Christmas cards list!

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  1. Love the pink one.
    The most important thing on my to-do list at the moment … plan a wedding! Getting married in January and lots of things to do still.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Rachel, you won the notebook.


      Please send me your postal address so I can get it to you ASAP 🙂


  2. Ooh those are pretty but for the sake of De-cluttering I really do not need one, so please dont consider this as an entry. Just wanted to say I love them 🙂

    My work to do list or my private one 😉 Too many things that will not get done before the end of the year and it is making me panic.

  3. Amy Welk says

    Hi Marcia,
    Love the red/pink one. My top eat the frog item is to write thank you notes and letters to all who helped me during my recent surgery.

  4. Jacqueline says

    Top of my to do list at home and the office is to get all my filing done before I go on leave. Trying to go digital as far as possible.

    PS loving the turquoise one

  5. Love these!..especially the pink one. One thing on my to-do-list at the moment is to sort out all the pics that I have taken of my baby boy that are still living on my camera!

  6. I actually LOVE the blue one! On my current to-do list? Call Tash and schedule a pedicure ASAP. Time for some self-care!


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