Do you have a gift shelf?

Talking about gifts has got to be one of my favourite topics 🙂

I definitely have a gift shelf for all sorts of gifts – baby gifts, kid gifts and gifts for friends. I’m actually trying to empty out that shelf so we can start thinking more personally for the friends (my kids are now 4).

Something that’s helped me is I have a “gift of the year”.

This year I did activity books, a “proper” book, and a “craft kit” with things my kids currently like – little notebook, crayons/ oil pastels, stickers, glue, scissors, stickers, etc. all neatly organised in a container. Last year I did little backpacks (I called it the Out and About bag) with a little magnadoodle, a small puzzle, a tiny block set, etc.

This year we sewed up a MILLION aprons (ribbon on a tea towel/ placemat), bought little cutting boards, measuring cups, little recipe books, baking mixes, etc. and made sets of “chef” sets for all the kids. We’ve just given away the last two for the November birthdays. I love giving gifts 🙂

For overseas friends, I order online and get it delivered directly to save on shipping but we send a handmade card (two birds with one stone – craft time and a card!)

Do you have a gift shelf?

Do you have some systems in place for effective gift-giving?

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  1. I always have a gift shelf…box…drawer…depending on where we live.
    Need a place to store those perfect gifts that I find throughout the year.
    I also have a “gift of the year” for the men and a “gift of the year” for the women,
    found that idea saves me time and money. My go to gift that works for everybody….
    BOOKS…there’s one for everyone!
    Robyn recently posted..Why We Give Used Books… and you may want to too

    • Marcia Francois says:

      you are so right… except i recently found out a friend of mine doesn’t read books…. and I’ve given her some over the years 😮

  2. I don’t have a gift shelf but I think I will HAVE to do one – such a great idea. My go-to gift for kids is usually books. It’s just easier. And lately I’ve been doing the experience gift for the kids who already have EVERYTHING. Alternatively I personalise something like a table mat or a money box – depending on who the kid is and how big they are in our lives. I like the idea of a “gift of the year”. I’ve never ordered for an overseas person but I actually want to get something for Lesley. Any ideas?
    What I also do (very often) is to declutter my craft stash. There are ALWAYS unused things in there which are AWESOME for gifts. This year I gave A LOT of notebooks away because I simply have too many!

  3. I LOVE the idea of a year-gift! I know it can still be tailored for individual interests for adult friends but for kids how cute! Great idea Marcia! From, stuck in Nelspruit! 🙂

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