Free printable 2014 monthly calendars

Laura Anderson commented on Facebook that she’s taking a hodge-podge of my organising ideas and making them all into one for her.

I’m ALL for that, Laura, since that’s how I roll too 🙂

One thing that has worked so very well over the last couple of ideas for me is a monthly calendar at a glance.

I actually buy a “nice” one from CUM books with some pretty pictures on the top and the monthly calendar at the bottom.

This one is used to mark off when the gardener comes, when the kids have appointments, when they stay the full day at school (I have to pay extra for those days so this helps me to remember at the end of the month), etc, etc.


This is an iphone photo for instagram and I was trying to show the whole wall 🙂

And then I look for a nice one on the blogs (thank God for all the clever design people!), download that one, and that becomes my business/ blog planning calendar for the month which hangs in my study.

I usually use the one from Creative Mamma because I love her fun but clean and simple design style. And I love the one page on an A4 sheet.


This is the calendar I used this year for my business planning

(PS Confession – I think this is quite clever but you might think I’m cheap – I printed an extra copy which we use for star charts. I put a sticker over the month with the kid’s name and we just keep replacing them. One kid fills a month of stars in about a month… and another does so in two weeks… and then they earn a treat like a smoothie :))

Here is the link to the 2014 one. You’ll also find all the months on a single page, and smaller versions of the monthly one.

If you want something different, click on this Pinterest link and browse around

Do you use any monthly calendars in your home?

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