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Nicola once asked…

Christmas stuff……when the holidays come round there are always bits and bobs in terms of decoration, home decor and then kitchen napkins, candles, etc, etc… you keep the separate items with the same other items (ie: candles with candles, etc) or is there one place where Christmas get stored the other 11 months?


Well, I think in broad categories so in my house, everything Christmas is stored together with the exception of my red hand towels for the bathroom 🙂

That said, I don’t buy special tablecloths, serviettes, etc. I just use a green tablecloth with red placemats but those are used throughout the year with other colour accents to not look Christmassy.

I do store the Christmas tree decorations all together

here are some Christmas posts.

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Where do you store your decorations?

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  1. How do I store Holiday items? The 10′ tree comes apart & has its own box the size of a US refrigerator. I ‘ve collected Hallmark ornaments & other ornaments world travels for past 50 years so these are always carefully reboxed. I NEVER leave fragile valuable ornaments on the tree. I store them by year in banker boxes. Holiday lights are wound on a cardboard spool in labeled plastic bins all stored in guest room walk-in closet & under the bed. Seasonal wreaths are popped into a lg. plastic bag & the bag handles slipped over top of a hanger & hung in front coat closet. (In AZ we rarely need coats) On the upper coat closet shelf & below on floor, I store 6 labeled banker boxes for my table linens & decor – tablecloths are separated into rectangles & rounds, table decor & holiday decor, place-mats & napkins by color. In an extra garage: I have gorilla (heavy metal) shelves for storage. I entertain a lot – often 50+ ppl, so I have lg. plastic bins for paper & plastic ware. I keep platters in their original boxes on end, bowels, serving utensils separated/wrapped, all in specific plastic bins. On another shelf, all my gift wrap in 2 labeled plastic bins – each bin a topic: Christmas, all occasion/BD, gift bags, bows & ribbon. All cards letters, vacation memorabilia are stored w/annual planner in an annual folder or container in my home office closet.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I love your very detailed system. Sounds like it’s been well thought out over the years 🙂

  2. Altogether in a box. It’s just easier. I put them in clear bags inside the box.

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