{Goals} Two great goal-setting questions

Happy February!

Aren’t you excited it’s a brand new month?


How do you identify what goal to work to if you’re happy with your lot and not looking to make a change?

I loved this question!

You don’t only have to set goals if you’re unhappy.

I’m a very happy person but I love, love, LOVE setting and achieving goals.

I would evaluate all the different areas and perhaps give myself a rating out of 10, 10 being “my life is exactly the standard for my definition of success in this area”.

And then work on the areas with the lower numbers first.

Perhaps you’re at goal weight, are physically fit and your body is strong and healthy (tell me your secrets, by the way!). Maybe a good goal is then to stretch yourself and train for an event (a run/ triathlon/ etc). My personal trainer is doing a Miss Bik.ini competition in June. She is in perfect health, toned, etc. but this is the next step for her.

I understand the importance of setting goals but how do you actually set and achieve those goals?

Great question.

The first key is to get really clear on what you want your life to look like.

  • What does having a well-run household look like?
  • What does a great career feel like?
    What does it mean to you to have a healthy and happy family life?

Once you’re really clear, you can take the next steps. I have a book to help you through the step-by-step process of achieving your goals. You can get that here┬áif you don’t know how to bridge the gap in the shortest time possible.

Now it’s time for you to take action.


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