Bookshelves – before and after

These bookshelves were driving me nuts.

Mostly they stay organised but as I remove books to reference something and quickly just put them back (while the light is off as this is actually the kids’ bedroom), they start looking horrible.



I’d planned to attack these shelves a few weeks before I did but, as you know, things come up. And this is a project where I needed the kids out of the way.

So one Saturday when Dion took them to their swimming lesson, I was ready. I had exactly 45 – 50 minutes to get this done as the swimming teacher lives less than 5 minutes’ drive from our place and the lessons are 30 minutes long.

I cleared off each shelf, dusted and cleaned, and let the shelf dry while I sorted and organised. So satisfying!

The shelves stayed the same with all the unread books on the bottom section (the idea is that seeing them will motivate me to actually read them…) but this time I rearranged them by colour, just for fun!


Lovely and neat shelves again!

Even those men are doing the happy dance 🙂

I’m still on my mission to clear most of my physical books.

To date, I have these three shelves plus one other which has 6 unread fiction (my goal is to get all of those read this year) and a ton of non-fiction.

Are you still collecting physical books?

PS I realised this weekend that on Friday I’ll have owned my Kindle for THREE years (best decision ever) so look out for my post on my Kindle 🙂

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