5 reasons I still love my Kindle after 3 years

My hubby asked me to send a book to his Kindle and when I went into my account, I realised today is my three-year anniversary with my Kindle.

It’s been love at first sight 🙂


Well, three years in and I still love my Kindle like nobody’s business!

  1. No clutter – I have over 200 books on there…
  2. So easy for travel – this is the actual reason I bought it… in the pre-Kindle days I would carry a bag of books with me…
  3. One-click buying. No more finding a convenient time to go to Exclusive Books to get a book I want. I pop over to Amazon and buy there and then (if under $10) or put it on my wish list until I can’t hold out anymore
  4. It’s light even when reading a 500-page book
  5. I love that I can do nothing else on it but read. No disturbances from Facebook or Instagram notifications popping up like when I read something on the ipad’s Kindle app.

In case you’re interested, I’ve bought 165 books in the 3 years (don’t ask how much I’ve spent!):

  • 2011 – 42
  • 2012 – 52
  • 2013 – 54
  • 2014 – 17 so far

A small % of those have been gifts (probably only about 15 – 20 overall).

Do you have a Kindle?

Have you finished reading all your physical books?

PS I really only have one gripe about the Kindle – it’s never as satisfying taking a photo of the Kindle as of a “real” book 😉

PPS In the interests of full disclosure, I must confess I now have monthly “read 5 – 10 Kindle samples” on my goals lists because of how easy it is to keep downloading samples and never doing anything with them 😮

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