{I love stationery} My new favourite pens

I’m that person who oohs and ahhs about beautiful and yummy stationery. I say that so you’ll forgive the gushing.

I’ve mentioned on the blog before how much I love my gel pens.

Until January this year, I was a big fan of Pilot G-2 0.7 mm pens. Well, to be honest, I still am, just not a fan of the price. They’re currently R38 each at CNA. Well worth it because they used to last about 2 months each or longer if I was alternating between the different colours.

Then….the back-to-school sales happened in January. And I went to Pick and Pay to have a look at anything new. The stationery aisle is very definitely my happy place; I like looking at all the new products so I can test them out 🙂


I saw these Pentel gel pens for R10 each so I bought one just to test it out. There’s nothing worse than a horrible, sticky pen and I wanted to make sure before I went “wild” as I normally do.

Well, I got home, tested the pen and…. the heavens opened and the angels sang because it was wonderfully smooth and perfect. Seriously perfect.  IMG_4576

So I went back and bought 10. Yes, no half-measures here.


I’ve used up about 5 since January because my 4-year-old son also loves them. He’s already made me promise to buy him his own set for his birthday (sweet child!). They’re back at their normal price of R16 but it’s still R22 cheaper than the Pilot pens and even yummier to write with.

In the old days, I used to use a medium point ballpoint pen so I like a nice, fat nib (is that what they call it?) and the transition to gel pens has been lovely IF they’re 0.7 mm, which is just the perfect pen tip for me.

If you like a thin point, you won’t love these as much but at R16, give them a try. They are DIVINE!

Which are your favourite pens?

Have you tried these Pentel gel pens?

PS this is not a sponsored post but Pentel is very welcome to send me (and Connor) new stuff to try out.

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  1. My handwriting is too untidy for gel pens – if anything they make my scrawl look even worse!
    I have to use the thinnest nib possible. I am a HUGE fan of pencils. Especially HB. And I ADORE sharpening them!
    I probably have tried those gel pens but I don’t remember now. I have tried MANY pens – the thinner the nib the better.

    • Marcia Francois says

      It’s not untidy at all 🙂 🙂

      Connor and you with the sharpening!!! He LOVES it!

  2. I love medium point pens. While in the US recently, I discovered Sharpie fine point pens, well it says “medium” on the pen but I call it fine, as opposed to their wonderful markers. I do love this pen. I have also always liked the Pilot G2. You know I like to follow your stationery advice so my next trip to Nelspruit, these will be on the shopping list!!


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