{Time management} How I’m eating my frog

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself getting very frustrated because I was not getting to everything I wanted during a day.

When I looked back through my notebook to see which items I kept moving, they were things scheduled for the afternoons when my kids are at home.


I then realised that I should do what I tell my clients and …

a) go easy on myself and
b) set myself up for success
How I'm eating my frog |Organising Queen

I moved things around and I’m back on track again.

I do all the writing in the mornings and leave anything where I don’t mind interruptions and noise for the afternoons.

I also do any coaching in the mornings or from 7pm at night (South African time). Which reminds me, I have space for 5 laser coaching time makeover sessions over the next week. $47 off for the first 3 people who book their one-hour sessions, or $22 off for the first 3 people who book mini sessions.

Things like editing and taking photos, organising, tidying, cooking, etc.

This is eating the frog at its best. Making sure your most difficult activities, those requiring focus, are done first.

The rest of it will always fall into place… and you might even have some willing helpers.

I have an additional little trick I’m currently using to quickly get me into the zone, but I’ll share that with you later.

When I used to work in an office, I’d always make sure my main things were done AT THE OFFICE so that if I needed to do additional work later, it was something “lighter” like replying to emails.

Do you regularly eat your frog?

How are you setting yourself up for success?

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