5 questions to ask as you do your half-year review

As you know, I do a goals review every month before I set goals for the new month ahead.

I find that it helps me take stock of what went well and why, and what I need to work on.

So now that we’re 6 months into 2014, technically I should be half-through my goals.

Of course, it’s not that straightforward because there are goals that are recurring and there are once-off goals. Also, some areas of life may have been flowing beautifully but some haven’t.

My question to you is this – are you on track with your goals?


For the moment, go through these questions with me and answer them honestly. I’ll give you some of my answers as examples of a typical half-year goals review:

1. When I think about the last 6 months, what do I feel? Am I excited, disappointed or apathetic about my progress?

I’m relieved, excited and content.

2. Which areas of my life are working well, which are neutral and which are not doing so well?

Well – Family, Fun, Personal, Friendship, Business

Neutral – Work & Health/ Fitness

3. Why? Or why not?

No need to bore you here. This is where you take a few minutes and go through each category.

4. What do I need to let go of or are there places I need to lower my expectations of myself?

I need to let go of unrealistic expectations about getting to my 10 000 steps daily when I currently don’t have a very active “job”. Also, I need to relax more and appreciate this gift of time.

5. What can I do differently to make sure the next six months move me closer to my goals?

Do something every day, no matter how small, to keep moving me towards my goals.

Stop comparing myself to others!

And a bonus question…

6. How am I living out my word of the year?

It sometimes doesn’t feel like I’m shining but I’m doing a million times better than last year so in comparison, yes, I’m shining.

Over to you.

My challenge to you is to answer these 6 questions honestly and then take some consistent action to move you closer to your goals.


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