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Weekly goals | Organising Queen

Goals work best when they move top down.

In other words… life mission, long-term, medium-term, annual, monthly, weekly, daily.

Today I want to quickly share how I do my weekly goals.

Why weekly?

I love having an intermediate step in between monthly and daily goals. Also, I feel like I’m making steady progress yet I never feel rushed.

How I do weekly goals

  1. I look at my monthly goals and see which of those need traction or which feel like they want working with 🙂
  2. I choose about 4 – 6 personal and 4 – 6 business every week.
  3. Some are recurring – every week I have “blog 3 times” and “____ mins on photos” and some are new.
  4. When Beth and I chat, I write the goals down in my diary as in the photo above. Personal, Business, and Beth’s goals for the week underneath. I only took a photo of the top for privacy reasons.
  5. As I complete tasks, I highlight them, again as you can see in the pic above. I love doing them this way because I can still see what I had on the list but I get the satisfaction of crossing something off.

That’s it – easy-peasy. I don’t believe in complicated systems and this works for me.

Do you do weekly goals?

How do you track your goals?

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  1. This is exactly what I do with a whiteboard. For some reason having it on a wall makes it seem more important in my head. Probably all in my head, but it seems to make a real difference to me.
    Denver Photographer recently posted..Meredith Model Portfolio Work { Denver Photographer }

  2. I am tracking my goals weekly too! I did some serious planning today. We have lots going on, but I know if I am organized, I can make amazing things happen!
    Heather recently posted..Menu Plan Week of 9/1/2014 – Being Kind to Myself

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