{Live intentionally} Core desired feelings – part 1

If you haven’t yet heard of Danielle LaPorte’s core desired feelings, then you’re missing out.

I watched this video where Danielle talks with Marie Forleo about goal-setting with a twist and I was hooked.

Basically, you’re not chasing goals but you’re chasing the feelings you want to feel. Slight twist but so very powerful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

I did a little mind map (as I do!) on CDFs for the work I want to be doing, and then I did a general mind map for my general core desired feelings. The photos in this post is my “whole life” mind map.

If you decide to take up the challenge, you could do it my way – with a mind map – or just tap into what currently works for you. But take the time to have some thinking and feeling time.

It’s a really powerful exercise.

I chatted about this concept with one friend over supper one night, and just talking her through the process and pondering/ probing/ gently challenging her thinking was hugely insightful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

If you want to apply this concept to organising of your home or time, you could simply ask yourself these questions:

What are my core desired feelings for my home?

These are mine:

  1. order
  2. peace
  3. freedom
  4. breathing space
  5. fun

What are my core desired feelings for my time/ schedule?

These are mine:

  1. freedom
  2. (lots of) white space
  3. abundance
  4. (yet) accomplished
  5. connected

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

What are your core desired feelings?

(I’m sending out a free printable to work through your CDFs on Wednesday. Are you signed up to the newsletter yet?)

You can make a printable/ shareable/ pinnable graphic of your CDFs here.


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