How to print Instagram photos (on the cheap)

Late last year I decided that I wanted to print my Instagrams for the year. I investigated a lot of options but they were all too expensive (for me) – maybe you don’t mind paying that much… I do.

So I googled a bit and eventually mished and mashed a few things together, and this is now my system that works REALLY well.

How to print from Instagram |

Export your photos from IG via I only do this once a month, except when I first started and I had nearly a whole year to work through.

How to print from Instagram |

Extract from zip file (open the zip, copy all and paste into your folder)

How to print from Instagram |

Make sure they’re sorting themselves by date order.

How to print from Instagram |

Open Picasa and all your photos will fly in (it really does :))

How to print from Instagram |

Select all the ones you want in batches of 6 – I really do aim for one print a day (best I’ve done is probably 48 over a month). Collage each batch of 6 in a grid format to print in a 10 X 15 size. (6 squares make a standard 10 X 15 – I had to experiment a lot)

How to print from Instagram |

Print and put in your album.

How to print from Instagram |


I bought this 200-page album at CNA for R90 last year. They now go for about R130. It will comfortably last at least 2 years.

Prints are R4,50 each at my local print shop. I love the quality so I pay more. If I’m printing more than 50, I get a discount per print. The last batch cost me R3,80 each because I printed 60.

I end up with about 10 every month which is at most R45….. and R540 for the year. As with most things, doing this on a monthly basis means it is very affordable.

All in all, you’re looking at R600 per year – R50 a month. Much cheaper than any of the places that print instagrams.

But if you’re looking for only a few select instagrams instead of a “book” concept as I was, then by all means, please use the specialist instagram printers.

How to print from Instagram |

Do you print your Instagram photos?

Have you done a book? Or do you print individual prints?

What does your system look like?

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  1. I haven’t printed Instagram pictures but I’m not big on printing pictures anyway. Photo books I like and now that I’ve discovered shutter fly’s easy to use software I’ve ordered 3 books already in the past 3 months. I do like the collage idea so I think will use it to “clean up” and have all the pictures in one place and in collage format
    Mrs FF recently posted..{Saturday Snapshots} on Monday … GREEN

  2. I’m awful. I buy photo paper and print with my lexmark. (I don’t recommend lexmark!! FAR too pricey on ink, but it’s what I have… so I’m a bit stuffed.)
    Jenn (Student Mom) recently posted..Cluttered… with people.

  3. Great tip on pulling out Instagram photos for printing! I haven’t done this before, but I think I will now!
    Heather recently posted..The End of an Era – But Not This Blog

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So cool and do-able! Pinning this right now!
    Love and Lollipops recently posted..Instagram

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