{Living intentionally} Capsule wardrobes – part 2

If you want fast results that you can maintain, this organising solution might be just the one for you.

I started talking about capsule wardrobes last week. If you haven’t read that post, you can catch up here.

Capsule wardrobes |www.OrganisingQueen.com

Oh how I love this concept. Remember my intention was to do a capsule of 40 for work and 40 for home. I work in a business environment where Fridays are business casual (jeans is fine, but not “beach casual”) and Mondays to Thursdays are standard business attire.

I was quite a bit demotivated when I counted 60-odd items for work (winter and summer combined) clothes and the same for casual clothes. I thought I was near enough my target numbers because I do actually declutter regularly.

So I hit a block.

Like, “really? what’s the point? I have way too much to be a minimalist/ capsule person”

Then a friend told me to just make sure I love everything that I end up with, and to not worry about the actual numbers. Thanks, Heather.

Capsule wardrobes |www.OrganisingQueen.com

Bingo! That worked because I relaxed a little with the all or nothing thinking, and so I may just be brave and count the items again one of these days.

However, this capsule business got me thinking and it seems there are a couple of reasons why one would do this kind of thing:

  1. to declutter your clothes in a more moderate fashion, especially when you’re not sure about some of them
  2. to find the colours and styles that always suit your body, life stage and lifestyle (this is my reason!)
  3. to dress with intent and use up everything within your capsule
  4. if you already know you have too much and only wear the 20%, and you need impetus to just do it

There are obviously more reasons. Please comment and tell me why you’re attracted to the concept of capsule wardrobes.

Has anybody started their capsule wardrobes since last time?

Are you brave enough to post your numbers in the comments?

PS as you can see from the pics, the purple cardigan combo is a favourite (I found these two photos without looking too hard AND I always get compliments when I wear that “outfit”) and then the yellow/ grey/ jeans combo is also a favourite casual combo

Capsule wardrobes |www.OrganisingQueen.com  Capsule wardrobes |www.OrganisingQueen.com


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  1. I agree we need to weed what doesn’t give us joy or is old or worn. BUT I’m a VARIETY girl. Just bec someone decided to set their limits to 10, 20 or 40 items of clothing, or 100 household possessions doesn’t mean you MUST nor does it mean there is something wrong with people who prefer more variety to select from. I dress by mood… do I feel like fucia, bright blue, pink, or teal or purple, maybe its gray blue or dove gray, will it be a red or black color run, cotton or soft fuzzy? I prefer to have more than ONE feature item in that color per season so I am perfectly happy having enough bright blue or whatever for an entire week or even a month. I enjoy playing a game of how many outfits can I put together with that one preferred color without wearing it twice in the month. I am not limiting the count in my closet to just 40! I love color themes & I do not wear the same jewelry pairings with only that specific outfit either feels too much like a uniform . Guessing what color you feel like tomorrow or the next week can be a problem bec my color desire may change. Packing for a trip, I pick a dif color for each day. Hey it has worked for me my entire adult life & through several careers that required the whole professional suit days to day off casual. I think these people who invent this item limiting & try to instill it onto others have serious issues themselves. Dress for YOU, what makes you feel good & if you need to reinvent your storage solutions, do so.

  2. I will never be able to have numbers on my clothing. However, I am slowly by wearing the not often used stuff weeding out and rediscovering
    cat@jugglingact recently posted..I should have known…

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