{Let’s Do This workshops} which would you prefer? online or in-person?

I’m putting together a new workshop called Let’s Do This which will be offered both in-person and virtually next year.

I’m going to help you set your intentions for the year ahead, choose a word as your theme, guide you to choose some things you want to work on and give you all the tips and tricks to actually set yourself up for success and get them done.

My personal goals success rate is over 90% every year because I’ve set into place easy, customisable systems to make my life count and live more intentionally.

make it count workshop | OrganisingQueen.com

(it’s the way I’ve been living intentionally for the last 16 years, revamped, restyled, refreshed) 

  1. I’m hosting an in-person workshop on either Saturday 24 or 31 January (once I know who’ll be attending, we will see when everybody wants to do it) in my home for EIGHT people.
  2. I’m also hosting a virtual kick-off on Tuesday 20th January at 1 pm EST (8 pm SA time). The balance of the workshop will be sent via 4 emails containing really short podcasts and PDF workbooks.

I’ve put together a really special offer for Black Friday. This offer has now expired.

Both the in-person and the virtual workshops are only R375 ($US 34/ 22 British pounds).

I can’t wait to see you either live or virtually 🙂

In-person workshop

make it count workshop | OrganisingQueen.com

Online workshop

make it count workshop | OrganisingQueen.com

Let’s start 2015 off on the right note.

Happy Friday.

I hope to see you in my home or on the call 🙂

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  1. Marcia Francois says:

    PS if you have any questions, I’ll be very happy to answer them!


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