Now what? Let’s do this – a new workshop

Some of my friends have said to me they’re very glad to see the back of 2014…

Some have been working throughout and haven’t had any time to think or process the end of 2014 and transition to 2015

Still others are a bit overwhelmed by all the goal-setting, resolutions and one word posts out there (if you’re on all the social media, your head must be bursting)

And others want to be more intentional but are not sure exactly how that works or where to start.

Good news for you!

Let's do this!

I’m launching a new workshop this month and you’re invited to join me.

For those who can come to a workshop in Johannesburg (if the dates don’t work for you, send me a mail to keep you on the “interested” list. there’s nothing special about January; you can start living intentionally anytime!)

For everyone else…

Please click through to those links and have a read.

Are you joining me?

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