{Time management} The email’s driving me nuts and 3 things I’m doing

When I got myself an iPhone a few years ago, one of the reasons I used to justify the HUGE (for me) increase in monthly fees was the fact that it’d save me time by processing emails on the go.

That’s still true.

But I’ve found emails have at least trebled in the last two years, so I’m still processing emails at a real computer as well as on the go.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do this year, and what I’ve done over the last couple of months. Remember my word of the year is ENOUGH.

Enough with too many emails ūüôā


These quick steps might work for you too:

1. Check each of your social media accounts and make sure you don’t get notifications you don’t really need.

I’m only on Facebook, LinkedIn¬†and Instagram, but I make sure I only get emails when people properly engage with me (send me a message, write a comment)¬†rather than if they¬†just¬†“like” a status or photo.

2. Unsubscribe from newsletters

When I get newsletters from people and I can’t even remember who they are, that means they write too infrequently for me to connect properly, so I’ve started unsubscribing.

By the way, I don’t take offence at all if you unsubscribe from my newsletter. I want it to land in your inbox with joy and excitement, and if it’s not doing that for you, please¬†unsubscribe.

Conquer your email |www.OrganisingQueen.com

3. Let go of needing to respond with lengthy mails

Many people write to me; some of them write really quite beautiful and wordy emails.

I read everything, absorb them fully (if not rude ones), but I no longer feel like I have to also write back and reply with two long paragraphs.

“I’m trying to get through an email inbox, not write a novel,” is what I keep having to tell myself.

It’s a work in progress, but taking an extra couple of seconds to unsubscribe from a retail email is worth it for the future.

I hope my 3 things will help some of you. Here is the comprehensive guide to dealing with email.

Do you process emails on the go? What are your tips?

Next in this series – dealing with whatsapp!

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  1. I do sometimes – but I find that lately I’m not checking my phone for emails – I allocate time for this on the computer and get it done ASAP. I also unsubscribe to newsletters at an alarming frequency(!) and I make sure to get no notifications from any SM unless I set it up that way. I do tend to reply with a novel – but that’s something that I’m comfortable with.
    Oh, and I delete ALL the rude things. My inbox is a place of love and peace.

  2. I respond to important emails on the go ( though with my new data discipline that is not really on the go again). Others I ignore and usually mark all as read.


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