{Goal-setting} These 3 things will get you at least halfway to your goals

If you’ve been thinking that goals are insurmountable, there’s no need to do that. Iā€™m not disputing that it takes work to make your goals a reality but there are a few things that will accelerate your goal-getting progress.

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1. Write them down

If you’ve never written down your goals, then they’re only in your head and they’re dreams.

When you write down your goals, you seal your intention by putting pen to paper, or words on the computer document.

I’ve proven this in my own life and so have many clients, current and former, as well as workshop attendees.

I firmly believe that just writing them down gets you a good way ahead of the pack.

Are your goals written down somewhere or are they merely on a mental list?

2. Print them out and stick them somewhere

This goes hand-in-hand with number 1.

Once you’ve written down your goals, you can stick the paper in a drawer or file folder, never to be looked at or you can stick them up somewhere where you will see them daily.

For the record, I still think you’re better off having just written them down but making them visible is a secret tool in your arsenal.

I put a picture of my goals in a little 10 X 15 photo frame on my desk to keep them visible and I remember that post receiving lots of comments.

(I talk more about all these steps in the Let’s Do It course)

Where are your goals displayed?

Goals | www.OrganisingQueen.com

3. Make yourself accountable to someone

Most of us would do more with our goals and with our lives if only we had accountability.

There’s a very successful weight loss programme in South Africa. I believe only a small part of the success is the food. A huge part of people’s success on the programme is the weekly accountability. You’re accountable to your group leader so you go and weigh-in every week to keep you on track.

This very same thing happens with goals.

When I know I’ll be talking to Beth in two days time, I knuckle down and get my weekly goals done.

It’s the accountability that motivates me to take action.

How about you? Do you have someone to be accountable to?

A like-minded friend? Your spouse? A coach?

Start putting these 3 steps into action and I guarantee you’ll be at least halfway to your goals, if not a lot further.

Which are your favourite tips to propel you towards your goals?

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  1. I agree that writing your goals down is key! I think that the idea of putting them in a frame is amazing … Looks pretty and will encourage you to get them done.

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