“Pick my Brain” sessions for March – now open

Pick my brain | www.OrganisingQueen.com

I’ve had many requests from people to pick my brain.

Maybe you’re one of those thinking about it too?

I’ve decided to offer a limited number of “pick my brain” sessions every month.

We can talk on the phone or via Skype.

In the past, people have picked my brain on these kinds of issues:

– how to run a business while working full-time
– how do I write the book I know is inside of me?
– I’ve written my book. How do I get all the bits and pieces together so it gets Kindle-ised and up on Amazon, or ready for publishing?
– I want to start doing talks. How do I get clear on my message and how do I get my first talks booked?
– I would love to be a professional organiser. How do I get started? (this is very popular)
– how to save towards a big juicy goal like taking a sabbatical (like I did last year)

actually, the sky’s the limit!

Read more here.

Email and tell me when you want your session, I’ll invoice you via Paypal and we’re good to go.

(if you want the recording, tell me and I’ll arrange that for you too)

Looking forward to having 10 of you pick my brain soon.

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