You know all those things you want to do?

You should go do them.

Every year as part of my goal-setting process, I print off the pages from Leonie’s planner and I go play with the 100 things to do this year pages.

You do know there’s no rule that says you can only do goal-setting in January, right? I start and end goals throughout the entire year.

In fact, I just started a new goal last week – to start a project with photos of doors captured on my photowalks. Some might say a quarter of the year is gone, what’s the point?

There’s plenty of point.

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Kendra did ballet for one year and that was a push. She was not into it at all so she stopped and decided to do actionball instead.

I wanted to get some photos of her in her ballet clothes before she outgrew them so I put it on my list.

And then one not-so-very-cold winter’s day, we got her dressed up and headed for the gym (because I liked the beautiful light in one of the studios) to take some photos.

Do you know how these photos thrill me?

I love that I got photos of her in her ballet clothes, I love the light, I love that I can now take photos that I love, and I LOVE that I got to do something I wanted to do.

So those things that you want to do?

Go do them.

I need more time

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What are you waiting for?

If you don’t do something different, next year this time you’re still going to have a pile of books unread, your big kids’ baby books undone, and not know how to use your big, fancy camera.

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  1. I think I need to get Leonie’s planner. I LOVE the pictures of Kendra in her ballet gear.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Thanks, I super love them too.
      I’m loving the planner – so colourful and bright and this year you can also type into it instead of just writing 🙂

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