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Keeping in contact with friends |www.OrganisingQueen.comI have a spreadsheet with a list of all my friends (not Facebook friends, real friends) down the first column, and then the months of the year along the top.

The purpose of this spreadsheet is not pure nerdiness, but it’s to help me keep contact with the people that matter to me in life.

My spreadsheet is set up to default to red if I haven’t yet seen a person for the year, and the minute I enter a date when we had a social, the red (conditional formatting) disappears.

I resisted doing this for a while but then finally, I gave in to my nerdy self and accepted that I need “help” to track these sorts of things.

These days I update the spreadsheet every month on Goals Night, and use it to “target” some friends if I haven’t seen them enough.

I’m usually happy-ish to take on this responsibility because I realise most people don’t have a spreadsheet.

Or do they?????

Do you have a spreadsheet or similar?

How do you keep track so you’re in regular contact with your friends?

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  1. NERD with a capital N E R D!!!!

    No spreadsheet! I keep in touch by email, SMS, whatsapp, bbm, phone calls. I don’t have to many friends I see often do this is easy. For friends that are far away I scroll through my contacts and messages and if I haven’t made contact for sometime I email, call or send a message

    • Marcia Francois says

      Maybe it’s that I don’t like all the electronic stuff? I just don’t feel like you can talk properly. It’s good for a quick “so are you over the flu?” type thing, but not a proper “so how are you… really?”

    • Marcia Francois says

      TOTALLY! I accept my label 🙂

  2. What? You have such an important spreadnsheet and you are not sharing it??? I am horrified and excited because i need something like that in my life. good for you being so organised

  3. I’ve never done a spreadsheet. But for one year, I assigned different friends to a different day of the week (this was for about ten of my closest friends) and on that day I tried to pray for them and also write a letter or send an email, If I did that now, I could add, facebook, whatsapp and even call as I can call over the internet now. Maybe I ought to try this again!

    • Marcia Francois says

      I super ADORE praying for your friends or being intentional with contact on a day a week. Why not? I use time blocks for everything else – Mon – gym; Tues – cooking; Wed – Spanish; Thurs – coaching, etc.

  4. I don’t have a spreadsheet but for the one friend I battle to make time to see I have a reminder to invite her for dinner on the 18th of every month – this is easy enough for me to remember coz my daughters birthday is the 18th 🙂

    • Marcia Francois says

      Ah yes, Jacqui, I remember you mentioned this at the workshop. It’s such a great way to remember 🙂

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