A little mind-shift that’s been a goals game-changer for me

I listened to one of Michael Hyatt’s webinars last year on goals. While presenting the content, he said something that was a bit of a game changer for me.

“You get two kinds of goals – projects and habits”

He might have actually used different words but this is how it landed in my mind.

I had a huge AHA moment.

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I’m no stranger to the two types of goals… but I’d been calling them projects and recurring goals. When I made a new kind of goals sheet last year, I even put thought into which recurring goals were on my list every month, and incorporated these into my monthly goals form.

But suddenly calling it a habit made a big difference.

Because I know I’m good at creating habits. Could that be a superpower? 🙂

I have a system, set myself up for success, work the system and soon, it’s a new way of doing or being.


For instance, eating breakfast. For years, I didn’t “have the time” to eat breakfast. I then decided that it was the healthy thing to do and I needed to start doing it. I created a reminder in Outlook every single day at 9 am, it reminded me to eat, and so I ate.

Once it was a habit, I was good.

Same story with water. And with conquering my email.

At the moment, I’m working on two new habits – getting a full 7 hours of sleep every night (my goal this month is actually 7 hrs 15) and cleaning my face before bed.

I’ll feedback about those when I do this month’s goals review.

Even Goals Night is a habit 🙂

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Over to you.

What kind of format do your goals generally take?

Do you have more once-off projects or habits that you try to work on?

I’d say my goals lists have slightly more habits goals than once-off projects

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  1. I like thinking of it this way. Although I confess I am woefully inconsistent with setting goals! Evne with your – and a hundred other – good influence! (And I am trying to wash my face every night as well!)

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