100 things to do around the house

When I set goals for this year, I had a few big things on my house list. Dion had a few other things and when we put those two lists together, it triggered yet some more things, so I pulled up my amazing life workbook and started typing up the list.

100 things to do list |www. OrganisingQueen.com

I think we got to 32 for the first draft! I’ve since added a few more things because.. why not? Might as well see the whole, big, scary picture!

Something that was on our list last year was to get the front of the house (the area around the pool) completely sorted. So that was a priority this year.

We had tree fellers, builders and painters come and sort out it all out. They finished a few weekends ago and I can’t believe the difference. It looks amazing and made me realise just how horrible it looked for so long.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! Maybe it’s just me?

I don’t know about you, but for me, just the thought of all the disruption to our lives is enough to put me off.

100 things to do list |www. OrganisingQueen.com

Same grey walls; this photo was taken in a shady spot

Of course, the minute that section was done the rest of the house suddenly started looking… shabby so yet more things got added to the list.

And so it goes.

But we’ve been ploughing through the list slowly and it’s been good. I know I’m not the only one who likes things

crossed off a list 🙂

The pool is still green though … so here’s a photo of Kendra against the new wall 🙂

100 things to do list |www. OrganisingQueen.com

taken in sunlight

Do you have a house list?

Care to share how many items you have to attend to?

PS You can see the walls (and all the other bits and bobs) in person when you join me for either of the June workshops:

5 Love Languages (for anybody, not just parents) workshop – Sat 20th June

Let’s Do This workshop – Saturday 27th June

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