My life in Instagrams – March

The fact that I’m posting my old Instagrams here every two weeks is a great motivator for me.

What could you do to make yourself accountable so that you can get something done you really want to… but just need a little push to do?

2015 March IG

The weather started cooling just a bit… tea, baking bread….

2015 March IG-001

Hairdresser time, books I bought for a library project and cute kids 🙂

2015 March IG-002

One year of doing Spanish the second time around, tea, traffic and my first movie with the kids!

2015 March IG-003

I love doors so I started a little project where I’m officially collecting photos of doors, potato pancakes and lift selfies 🙂

2015 March IG-004

Making house lists, autumn is here, cooking with Connor

2015 March IG-005

New favourite nail polish (Rimmel Jazz Funk), disturbed sleep and the start of our holiday (pancakes in Graskop)

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