Better than before – maximiser or satisficer?

In Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin’s stance is that the better you know yourself, the better you will be able to stick to and sustain good habits.

I agree wholeheartedly.

So let’s talk about being a maximiser or a satisficer.

A really quick way to explain the difference is to give two examples:

Say you need a pair of black pants for work.

There are about 5 women’s clothing stores who would have black work pants.

A maximiser would check out the black pants at each of the 5 stores, and then go to buy the pair that perhaps fitted best and were the best price (whatever your criteria).

A satisficer would walk into the first of those stores, and if they had black pants in the correct size for a decent price, would buy them and that would be that.

Do you know which of the two types you are?

One more example.

Booking travel.

You want to go to NYC and be near Times Square.

The maximiser would search all the possible hotels in the area until the price and location were just right.

The satisficer would search until they found a hotel in the appropriate price range in the area and book it.

Now do you know which type you are?

Modern Mrs Darcy talks about how she’s a maximiser but writes about the satisficer’s guide to NYC 🙂

I’m a satisficer…. wholly and completely 🙂 Yes, I’m a very efficient shopper. Also, life is too short to chase the 10%!

Which one are you? Tell me why you say so.

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  1. Definitely a maximizer!!! I get fulfillment knowing I’ve (hopefully) got a fantastic bargain
    MrsFF recently posted..Silent Sunday… Again

  2. I’m definitely a satisficer. I would be worn out to check out every possibility for clothes or travel, etc. I won’t buy what I don’t like but if it meets my criteria for fit, style and price, I take it. I feel it is a waste of my time to check all options.


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