{Goals} Bouncing back from a not-so-great goals month

My goals update was supposed to go up on Wednesday last week 😮

And yet I only had “Goals Night” this morning. Looking out at this view 🙂


I only got 66% of my June goals done.

That’s probably the worst in years.

So here’s the thing I want you to take note of.

Everybody has those months. Some have years like this.

That’s no reason to give up or think that goals don’t work.

Let me share with you 3 thoughts I had when I tallied up and saw the state of the situation:

1. Why did this happen?

My average is 89%. 66% is far from 89%. We had about 4 nights of loadshedding on prime “project” nights for me (weekends). This affected my cooking (or baking goals), photowalks, business goals and “proper” reading goals.

2. Is this a new way of being, or could I do something about it?

Apparently loadshedding is here for the next 18 – 24 months, so I guess I need to either plan differently, get creative or both.

Thankfully winter will soon give way to summer light so we will have a bit more daylight in our lives for walks and reading. And maybe investigating a gas stove is a good idea 🙂

3. What can I do differently next month?

I’m lowering my expectations of myself somewhat…. but this is the busiest personal month of our year with 3 birthdays out of 4, and mine in the first week of August. I “go with the flow” (as far as I can flow!) for July knowing that it’s one month of the year.

I’ve just set July goals and aside from things that have to get done, there is not much else on the list.

I’ve read the Bible a lot less than I planned to, so I will download what I want to listen to in the morning, and listen to that section before my podcast/ audio book on the commute as I usually do.

And now, I’m off to take a photowalk on the beach (one of my July goals!).

How did you do on your June goals?

Anything exciting planned for July?

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