{Creating} your ideal weekend

I’ve shared the components of my ideal weekend before but let’s talk more about how to create yours, and then how to consistently have a great weekend.

M faves

  1. Define what an ideal weekend looks like for you and your family. Write as many words as you want – the main thing is to get clear on what you want 🙂
  2. Make categories. Mine are Out and About, House stuff, Computer stuff, Relaxing
  3. Make a list on a Friday evening (or earlier, if you like to get things going) for the weekend ahead
  4. Be sure to add in the “anchor events” as Laura Vanderkam refers to them. For us, that’s gym and church, and any birthday parties or other socials.
  5. Display this list in a prominent place (mine goes on my desk) and leave a highlighter nearby
  6. As you go about your day, cross them off with wild abandon.
  7. Tweak for the following weekend until you get the mix right for it to feel like an ideal weekend for you.

Here are some pics of my list-making in progress:

IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8107 IMG_8110

Do you use weekend to-do lists?

If you post yours on Instagram, please tag @organisingqueen so I can take a peek 🙂


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