#Konmari – the reason I think the craziness works

One of the key concepts of the Konmari method is that you gather things of the same category throughout your home, bring them together and then start the “does this spark joy?” questioning.

I’m going to talk more about this method vs the room-by-room organising I still advocate in another post, but for now I want to tell you what happened to me with two categories of household items in my home.

Konmari |www.OrganisingQueen.com

As I mentioned before, I need motivation to continue so I started with easy organising – my kitchen. I regularly declutter in the kitchen so it’s not an area that will slow me down.

(we won’t mention the stationery just yet)

Konmari |www.OrganisingQueen.com


I gathered vases from my cupboards and from all over the house.

Here’s the thing – it took me seeing all those vases in one place to have my AHA moment.

That is the magic in the #Konmari method, I think. You gather everything, bring it all together in one place, have a big fright, realise you’re crazy to have collected so much ________ (fill in the missing category you’re currently working with) and then only is it easier to really see which of those things spark joy.

I mean, who needs 17 vases if you don’t even buy flowers that often?!

I’m now down to 11 – and 1 holds washi tape in the study 🙂

Konmari |www.OrganisingQueen.com

Water bottles

Again, there were kids’ water bottles, my water bottles, spare (new, unused water bottles), summer water bottles, gym water bottles.

I knew I probably had too many but didn’t realise the sheer madness til I brought them all together and put them in one place.

I’m still a little bit skeptical but when I actually do the method as intended, I really do get great results 🙂

And a lot more cupboard space!

Are you doing the Konmari method yet?

Which area of your home are you tidying this weekend?

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  1. You have me thinking about exploring this method. And gosh water bottles! I think I may just top you on those

  2. I need to look into this. This sounds like the way I usually do a deep cleaning/decluttering. I just did part of the playroom today.

  3. Howdy! I am reading it now, started today. I have mixed emotions. She obviously lives alone with no kids, which allows her to follow her “coming home” routine without fail every time. She says personailty types don’t matter but I’m not convinced of that – think of all the personality quizzes you and I enjoy (abstainer-moderator, etc) – surely this has an impact on how we can sustain something? also, I don’t think the goal is minimalism for everyone. I’d rather look at three great framed photos then one piece of art. Some people love the overstuffed look and I think they are being shamed into thinking it’s wrong these days. (that’s the sense I get from blogs and comments people leave). If you love the layered, full, lush look of Anthropologie for example, I don’t think you should have to go minimalist. Anyway, I digress! So, while I have some doubts, I think there are also a lot of great things in the book. 1. gathering everything, as this post is about – so eye-opening! 2. Storing clothes on end!!!!!!!! I was able to open up two drawers just by this one simple switch! (notice I didn’t say I got rid of two drawers worth of clothes!! 🙂 I’m excited to finish reading and keep going with an open mind. PS; If all your staionery sparks joy, keep ALL of it!! 🙂

    • Finish the whole book first, Laura. She clearly states that different people will have different ways of doing things – I bookmarked it 🙂

      I need to write that post – I’ve always been of the opinion that you try something as is first, and then you adapt for your needs. Don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater (a delightful turn of phrase I picked up from Flylady).

      I agree with you – if you like a layered look, have at it, but have every item be intentionally there, not just crammed in because of a lack of decisions, which I think is most often the case.

      And YES, I’m finding that I am keeping most of my stationery. But I am using a lot more of it and saying yes to the kids with my PRETTY tape 🙂 🙂

      Keep your open mind!

      PS Maybe I should keep comments open just on the konmari posts? 🙂

      • I was coming on here to add a comment this morning and found your reply!

        First, my addendum: it’s an assumption on my part that she lives alone – perhaps she has ten kids and still manages to do her return-home routine every time upon returning home! I shouldn’t assume!

        Second, just replying to you: That’s interesting she states that different people have different ways of doing things because she writes several paragraphs about how she thought that would be the case, etc., etc, and it isn’t, That regardless of personality, or any other factor, her way works with every one every time. Without regressing (or rebounding as she calls it). So I’m glad to know she says otherwise elsewhere because that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. By the way, something you should know about me, I’m big on the “on principle” conversation. Even if it applied 100% to me, and my whole life was transformed and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, I would still be doubtful on behalf of others about her claim that personality has nothing to do with how we can succeed at maintaining an organized home. Why would personality affect so many areas of our life and nothing whatsoever to do with how we tidy or follow-through on it? That I find hard to grasp. But you said she says differently elsewhere in the book so I will look forward to that! And take it all as a whole when I’ve finished the whole thing.

        Same thing with the layered, overstuffed look (which I agree with you for many people is not intentional, it’s just clutter but for some, it’s their style and they love it). It’s not my style (although I do have MORE than enough clutter, most of it is just tucked away!) but I’m not a minimalist. But I am thinking of people who love the country look for example, lots of baskets and dolls and ducks (I’m thinking of the 80s!!) – not KonMarie necessarily, but in general, I think those people are marginalized as somehow wrong now. Of course, that could be because I read blogs (and their comments) on decluttering and organizing and simplfying and minimalism – and I’m not talking about yours!!! But as I said, I digress – that wasn’t specific to KonMarie. Although there is an underlying tone that a person will only really be happy with almost nothing visible in their home and mostly bare space. (bookshelves in the closet???) I think that might be true for a ton of people, but not everyone.

        Anyway, sorry to prattle on, I’m using this post like a book club! No need to reply to everything, and as you can see, I am quite wordy!

        There are plenty of things I’m liking as well, just wanted to chat about the things I didn’t care for or wasn’t sure about.

        One thing I like is the asking yourself why you want to tidy or organize, and go down five or six layers of why’s. I think that will be helpful.

        As kooky as a lot of it is, I like thinking of an object having served it’s purpose, thanking God for it (rather than the object itself!) and being able to release it. I so admire that about you! I remember being so surprised when you gave me The Reluctant Entertainer. I couldn’t believe you could part so easily with something you had enjoyed. (It is still on my shelf!)

        Enough already! Wish I could do a real book club – I find verbal exchange SO much easier than written.

        You have a wonderful weekend, using your stationery – I love your new washi tape storage, where you can see it!

        • Marcia Francois says

          Prattle on all you like 🙂

          I listened to all my bookmarks this afternoon, made an additional 3 pages of notes so I am READY to properly blog about all of this next week!

  4. Oh, maybe that was enabling of me to say instead of supportive?!?

  5. I’m loving this book and method. It certainly works for me, it’s enabled me to finally get things the way I want. I want to know that everything in my home is their with intention and that it makes me/us happy in some way. I have finally gotten the capsule wardrobe right, I’ve been trying to do so for 2 years 🙂

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