Happy Spring and a goals update

Happy Spring, everybody!

Did you have a good August?

August was a good one for me, despite my low goals achieved (only 62%).

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights:

  1. It was my birthday and I celebrated the entire week. We went to the Maboneng District for Mexican food and a little photowalk where I got gorgeous pictures. I still have to go through the photos properly but I picked out a few and this is one of my favourites. The next weekend I had a few friends over for lunch which was really so very nice.


2. I went on 4 photowalks!

3. I exceeded my sleep goal (average 7 hrs 18)… and my reading goal. This was my sleep on one particular day when I was getting a little bit sick….the red lines are the times I coughed myself awake, seemingly on the hour. And then the second graphic is when I finally was able to take an afternoon nap 🙂 I love this nerdy stuff. #FitbitForTheWin

Fullscreen capture 20150901 105902 PM

4. Tried 4 new recipes – the only one that was a hit was a peach and chicken dish I made up (!). Let’s just say we won’t be going banting here anytime soon because everyone hated the cauli-pizza, even me!

5. Of course the biggest change was I started working through the #konmari method. I’m loving most of it but I won’t lie – it’s not been as easy to start on the stationery. So I thought to do a little public accountability. Please join me – if you’re doing #konmari, great, but in any event, just post pics of the prompts below. Tag any of your organising photos #SpringIntoOrganising2015 and I’ll be able to pick them up through the hashtag. Thanks

Spring into organising

6. Speaking of Instagram, I seem to have doubled my Instagram followers this month. Not hard to do when I’d just started the account, but I’m pleased that I have over 100 followers. Thanks for following. Now don’t be shy – double click the pics and comment.

7. Last but definitely not least, we finally finished painting the outside of our house (not us personally, of course!). I feel like I never want to buy another tester pot for about 5 years… so I’m waiting to forget about looking at a million different shades of grey before tackling the next thigns on the list.

How was your August?

PS My kids were due on this date, 6 years ago 🙂

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