Have you read the Konmari book? I need you!

Hey! I’ve made a proper survey. If you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear from you here. You can stay anonymous if you want 🙂


I’m writing a blog post and I need your help. Currently I’m a focus group of one which doesn’t really work…. 😮

I need your help

If any of you have read the book, please send me a mail and answer these 5 questions:

1.What is your MBTI type? If you’re not sure, take the test here.

2.What drew you to the book?

3.Which aspects did you most love?

4.What do you not love about the book?

5. Tell me about your progress. How long have you been working through your home? Are you done? Do you intend to continue? Etc.

If you’d like a link back, great – I would love that too! Include your name and blog/ instagram.

If not, am happy to keep you anonymous – I just really want the data.

A huge THANK YOU! xxx

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  1. Caroline says


    Recommended by a friend
    I loved how absolutely sure she was about her method, and so passionate!
    I didn’t love how she made absolutely NO concessions to what its like living with children. Also she is clearly kind of crazy.
    I’m not sure whether I’ll do my whole house. I’ve been focusing on my clothes and am nearly done!

    • I second the living with children bit. I feel like this could a great follow up for her! I feel many children have too much, but they are also (very) active members in a household. Teaching them to value and take responsible for their possessions at an early age would work magic in many homes!

  2. 1. “The Defender” (ISFJ-A)
    2. Kept coming across it on YouTube
    3. The idea of keeping only items that spark joy.
    4. That the book is more geared for the Japanese way of living, not big homes with lots of STUFF. I did well until I got to the komono section and haven’t made much further progress on my home.
    5. I started back in April but got overwhelmed and confused when I got to the komono section as I couldn’t seem to apply it to my home. I have decided to just do parts of my home (like I used to) but apply the “sparking joy”. I am also wanting to have a more minimalist home. The ultimate goal is to love/use everything in my home and to be able to easily find things when I want them. I’m married to a bit of a hoarder and bulk buyer so this is challenging.



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