The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’ve been writing about this book such a lot that I thought it may be useful to put all the posts in one place.


  1. The book that’s all over the internet
  2. Why I started with my bathroom
  3. The purpose of a gift
  4. The controversy surrounding the book – part 1
  5. The controversy surrounding the book – part 2
  6. Konmari vs capsule wardrobes vs old-fashioned decluttering
  7. It even works on blogs!
  8. Why the craziness works
  9. Which category should you start with first?
  10. 10 things you need to know about Konmari
  11. Does this spark joy?
  12. Your Myers-Briggs type and the Konmari method
  13. If you’re feeling overwhelmed….
  14. If you’ve read the book, take my little survey here

Did you miss any of the posts?

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  1. […] you look through this link, you’ll find tons of inspiration to play with Konmari concepts in your home […]

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