An interview with Cassey, an ESFJ, about Konmari

Cassey was one of the respondents of my little Konmari survey. I wanted to feature her because like all of us (some of you think I’m different but I’m not), she’s a normal mom with a toddler sorting out her house.

I hope this brings some weekend inspiration your way 🙂

1.What is your MBTI type? If you’re not sure, take the test here.

ESFJ-T according to the site you suggested.

2.What drew you to the book?

I was just ready for a change, to do something instead of nothing.

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3.Which aspects did you most love?

I loved the spark joy parts, the take on gifts, and living the lifestyle you want.

In terms of organising, the doing category by category was new to me, and that with having everything in front of you just made such a difference to making this happen and getting it done.

After years of trying I finally have a capsule wardrobe. I love the folding although it’s not easy for me to do it well.

4.What do you not love about the book?

It’s very woo-woo. I get being grateful – an attitude of gratitude is something I keep on working on – but I don’t find the thanking it method to be something for me. I also hate the colour hanging plan for your wardrobe.

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5. Tell me about your progress. How long have you been working through your home? Are you done? Do you intend to continue? Etc.

I am mostly done. Mementos are proving tough. There’s also my son and husband’s stuff, as well as some kitchen stuff.

J is not as enamoured with this method as I am, but he is certainly enjoying what it’s doing for me. I think it’s been a month to 6 weeks or so. It does help that we’re in a 2 bedroom flat and before moving into it we already downsized some items.

Now it’s about making sure we – well, mostly I – don’t fall back into the thinking that what you have is a big part of defining your success and worth. It was part of something that got me to finally complete something I’ve wanted to do for ages – coming across the book was just so well timed with me getting my depression diagnosis, starting therapy and taking meds. I don’t know if it would’ve worked as well for me earlier.

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What kind of challenges do you feel she doesn’t address well?

Décor and kids. Yes, she has you picture your space, but the way I’d love my space is very different to what the space can be with a toddler, and all of his books and toys in it.

Any other insights

I think that once you’ve done it in a big way once, the rest of the time is just about maintenance. What brings us joy changes and grows, so we will probably need to do a re-look at things once in a while. The base point will remain because I don’t see me going back to an overstuffed wardrobe or overstacked bookshelves ever again.

What was the most interesting part of what Cassey said?

Thanks so much, Cassey!

PS If you want to be featured, take the survey here and send me some pictures 🙂

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