What’s up next for you?

I ran two workshops at the start of this year. They were called Let’s Do This and we talked about vision, values, core desired feelings, goals and intentions, and words for the year.

Now, 8 – 9 months have passed and the time feels right to take stock before the end-of-year craziness happens, and then 2016 goals and intentions start again.

Which leads me to What’s Next? – a taking stock workshop

This is a workshop from the comfort of your own home!

What's next workshop?

I’ve been following the Konmari method of tidying up in my home (and life!) and the process made me go through all my papers, planning sheets, Amazing Life workbook, etc.

I’ve done a bit of taking stock while that was happening and while most of what I intended has happened, some things unforeseen also happened. This is true for all of us, and probably happens every year too.

Who is this for?

  • Obligers and Questioners definitely, not sure if Rebels feel it might be useful. The Upholders would do this kind of thing anyway. If you’re not sure of your Tendency, take the short quiz here.
  • Anyone who feels like this year has moved by too fast and you want to slow things down to take stock
  • Anyone who has set goals and intentions for 2015
  • Anyone who has thought about their core desired feelings for this year

What's next workshop?

What will we cover during our time together?

  1. What went right?
  2. What didn’t go well?
  3. Were there things you could have foreseen? How did you deal with them?
  4. Which circumstances/ life events tried to derail you? Did it happen? Why? Why not?
  5. What could you do differently?

and so on….

In the process of doing this exercise, you will start thinking about what you want for next year.

The nitty gritty

Date: 11 November 2015

Time: 8pm – 9pm (South African time; 1pm – 2pm EST) with an extra 30 minutes for questions afterward if you have any

Format: private Skypecast (it’s so easy – download Skype, choose a user name, I’ll invite you to the group and then we chat, as if on a telephone. Video tends to be tricky because of slower internet speeds in South Africa, so let’s stick to the audio only.)

Cost: $15/ R200

If you prefer Paypal, my address is marcia at organisingqueen dot com

What's next workshop?

What you get: a handbook to write and prompt your thinking, and my group coaching to take stock of your year

So are you keen?

I hope you’ll join me!

PS if you’re local, I’m happy to host a session for you and your friends, either in my home, or in yours.  Please EMAIL, tell me what you have in mind and I’ll send you a quote)

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