Confessions of a handbag junkie

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ll know of my deep love for handbags.

I’m the type of person who changes them regularly and if I use the same one for two weeks in a row, either my life is super full or I just love using it so much.

The brown bag |

So imagine my surprise when I found that I’ve used this brown leather handbag every single day (except for one week) since 29 September 🙂

It wasn’t even a plan to buy another but I was looking out for brown leather handbags for a colleague (true story!) and ended up buying one. And then, it was marked down at the tills (bonus!) so I feel like I really got a good deal 🙂

I think the reason I’m enjoying using it so much is because it is the perfect size, it is so soft (and smells great!) that when it’s not full, it slouches and yet I can even carry an A4 (letter size) folder with me if I need to take some reading around with me.


Let’s have a look.

The brown bag |

from the top

The brown bag |

the outside zipped pocket is huge and easily takes both my phone and my car keys

The brown bag |

slouchy when empty

The brown bag | The brown bag | The brown bag |

The brown bag |

So there you have it. Let’s see how long this lasts but so far it’s 3 months and counting…

Who knows? I might even have to Konmari those other handbags 😮

Are you a one-handbag, or a multiple-handbag person?

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