My favourite kids stationery – part 2

Favourite kid stationery |

This is part 1.

I loved all the comments on that post – have a read if you like stationery.

But for now, let’s talk about a part 2.


  1. Scissors

Favourite kid stationery |

Particularly, left-handed scissors. I have a leftie and Staedtler makes these wonderful scissors (or so I’m told). They’re about R15 at CNA when they’re not on sale. I love that they look different to the right-handed ones.

My kids also like to play with craft scissors. I bought this pack of 6 about 5 years ago, and they’re still going strong. These are more difficult for Connor but he makes them work, especially with project board.

Favourite kid stationery |

2. Tape

Favourite kid stationery |

Oh man, my kids love tape. I’ve been known to say that a roll of sellotape is the cheapest babysitter out there. R4 a roll at Pep Stores… I buy them at least 2 – 3 rolls at a time. My kids can go through a roll in one sitting.

Try This at Home – don’t say a thing. Just find an empty table. Toss a roll of tape on it, some scissors and some paper from the recycling.

When you look again, your kids will be cutting, pasting, and taping up a storm.

Of course, washi tape is extra-special. I don’t let them at the washi for just anything. After all, washi costs about R30 a roll. But for birthday and thank-you cards, I let them go wild.

3. Glue

Favourite kid stationery |

For gluing things like buttons, fabric, wooden scrapbooky things, googly eyes, foam, etc. the Bostik art and craft white glue is my favourite glue by far. I love it.

For most of the sticking going on around here – again paper, magazines and project board, glue stick is the way to go. My kids go through glue stick like crazy.

I used to buy Pritt since that is what I grew up using, but since it’s expensive and they’re non-discerning users, I now grab a bunch of cheap glue stick from Pep. You know, when I’m buying the sellotape in bulk 🙂

Favourite kid stationery |

Any glue stick will do because nothing lasts long enough.

Confession – I still buy Pritt for me. The one pictured is MINE!

4. Triangular pencils for homework

I may be biased but I think handwriting looks neater if the point of the pen or pencil is thicker.

Look at the pencil on the right vs the normal-sized one on the left.

Favourite kid stationery |

I’ve bought all kinds of pencils over the years – from Woolworths, CNA, Pick and Pay. Basically if I see a pencil and it looks good, I buy it 😉

The blue ones are Rolfes which the kids currently use for homework, my personal favourites (and Kendra’s!) are the silver-grey Faber Castells (I love those tiny rubber grips on the pencil – I actually need to dedicate a post to Faber Castell because I have a marker I bought when I was at Rhodes University 24 years ago that is still going strong!) and then recently, I bought those pink ones. They’re from Bic and come in a set of two.

Favourite kid stationery |

Do you use any of these items?

Which are your preferences?

PS Happy Valentine’s Day for Sunday.

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  1. Oooo… more stationary. Yes to tape!!!! All of mine get a roll of it in their Christmas stocking… it is loved that much. And gluesticks are inhaled here… I check the price per gram very carefully, prices fluctuate dramatically and differ from brand to brand drastically… and change from week to week… I buy the cheapest without any discernment. Though for myself (!) only strong Pritt will do!!! Scissors… in the house of lefties it is impossible for right-handers to find scissors over here. And pencils… we are purists and only the red and black striped Staedtlers will do!!! Great post!!!

  2. We use those same leftie scissors for Son2. And he LOVES the tape. I have to hide my washi from him.

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