Using your social media time for your hobbies

Early last month when everyone was posting about goals and words of the year, and new year stuff, I saw this pic linked by, I think Becky Higgins of Project Life fame.


I went to have a read further and I tell you I was shocked and inspired and rapped over the knuckles in all the good ways.

Do you see those 12 albums?

This lady did all of those albums in one year.

Amazing, right?

What’s even more amazing is that she used those bits of time every day when she used to take out her phone and scroll through Facebook and Instagram, to get her scrapbooking done.

I’m amazed and inspired.


that’s a book in my “gorgeous brown leather handbag”

Then there’s Modern Mrs Darcy who I’ve linked to many times on this blog.

She reads a lot.

I mean, I read a lot for someone who works full-time. But she really reads a lot. Whenever internet people talk about reading, the conversation comes around to Anne Bogel 🙂

I’ve head her say on her blog and on podcasts that she always has a book with her. Always.

When she’s standing in a queue, she whips out her phone and again, no Instagram or Facebook, she reads from her Kindle app.

When she walks, she’s listening to an audio book.

She uses all the bits of time to read.

No wonder she reads over a hundred books a year.


You might think, “wow, I could never do that” or “I’m not into reading or scrapbooking”.

That’s not the point.

I guarantee you there’s something you love to do that you wish you had more time for.

I wonder how much more of whatever it is you want, you can get by reducing your social media time.


I started carrying a book when Dion’s driving and we’re going a long way (40 mins plus) on the highway. I can’t read in stop-start traffic (suburban) but on an empty highway, I can read very easily. I’ve always taken a book when I use the Gautrain to go see clients. In fact, I read a good 80 pages of a non-fiction book one day.

Can you think of one small change you can make that will make a big difference in your life, when it’s all added up?

PS I hit 300 followers on the Organising Queen Instagram account. Yay and thanks for following 🙂

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  1. I am so guilty of this. When I get home I usually check instagram on my phone using the wifi. And often 1 hour later or even longer I am still on instagram. And I don’t even post much. I just enjoy everyone’s elses beautiful pics. When I finally manage to tear myself away, I feel its too late for hobbies. I have been attributing my laziness to the terrible weather ;). I have been having such a bad reading year thus far. I know what I have to do to change all this but changing is the hard part.

    • Let’s not discount the weather – it is indeed terrible to get up and get motivated.

      I just can’t get that woman’s picture out of my mind….

      Why don’t you set TINY goals? just 10 minutes a day that you would have spent on IG? you can veg the rest of the hour! 😉

  2. I read aaaall the time. I’m another one who has at least 1 book with her at any given time. Actually, I usually have my phone (with 3M library books and the Kindle app) and my Kindle in my purse. I listen to audio books when walking/etc (I would say running, but really, that doesn’t happen), and when driving for longer than 15/20 minutes. And sometimes when I’m having trouble falling asleep, I’ll pull up an audio book and set the sleep timer (thank you, audible!) to 15-30 minutes. I’m usually asleep by the end of the segment!

    I do tend to piggy-back hobbies, though. Reading while waiting for things, knitting while watching movies, etc. My problem is I’ve started to get antsy if I’m not multi-tasking – I mean, I write book reviews, and I find myself reading a review book while listening to an old episode of a tv show. And by antsy, I start to feel almost panicky sometimes. Yay anxiety! I’ve got to find a way to slow down sometimes. Any ideas?

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