Project Life 2 – what I’m doing this year

See this post for what I used to do

Last week I told you about the huge cost of shipping to South Africa, which was always there, but has now become exorbitant due to the exchange rate.

Project Life 2 |

this is the pen I use for my memory-keeping. It is not a permanent marker but I do love the tip 🙂

Project Life 2 | Project Life 2 |

So I decided to use standard photo albums (I buy mine from CNA), the same ones I use for all our memory-keeping and use those for this year’s Project Life.

The albums take 4 photos to a page and store 200 photos overall.

My plan is to use my landscape photos (I mostly take landscape photos) and the 10 X 15 cards from the Project Life kits, of which I have 4 – 5.

Project Life 2 |

There isn’t necessarily a Project Life card per “layout”. I do Project Life with very loose boundaries, so some months I have 9 photos and some I have 15, and it’s all good.

So there is plenty to mix and match, and also if I get bored, I can buy just the filler or journalling cards from one or more of the digital kits. These filler or journalling cards cost $3,99 a set which is about R70.

Project Life 2 |

what it’s teaching me

At first I thought I was settling but now I realise there are so many pros to the situation:

  1. I’m not limited to those 80 photos for the year 🙂
  2. the small matter of lovely limitations as The Nester calls it has sparked a bit of creativity to think differently with the layouts

If you haven’t yet thought of memory keeping by alternative means, I urge you to grab a bog-standard photo album and just start somewhere. It’s really much easier (and cheaper) than you think it needs to be.

What sparks your creativity?

Project Life 2 |

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  1. That is a very smart way of doing it. I also have a couple of those albums from CNA. I have been terrible at taking photo’s this year. I think the last I used my camera was early January. Life has just become a crazy race and all my hobbies have fallen to the side. But after looking at your photo’s I am itching to scrapbook or take some photos.

    • I’m so glad I inspired you. I’ve also been bad at taking “proper photos” once we got back from Cape Town. I’m so determined to have more fun with it that my camera is going to stay out, in plain sight, this weekend.

      PS can’t wait to chat next week!


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