Seeing your space in a new light

See your space with new eyes |

I literally only pulled out my camera one day a week for the whole of Feb (to take the 52 Project photo of the kids on Sundays), and then not quite as bad, but there’s a sense of get this done, instead of play in my March photos so far.

I was even completely up to date on Monday night after the Sunday photos last weekend.

So I decided I needed to leave my camera out more to encourage me to just grab it and snap a few photos as things look good in certain light.

And I went a bit wild today.

It was good for me because I always feel great after I’ve created with my camera, but more than that – this!

See your space with new eyes |

I noticed bits of my home that I’d forgotten, both good and bad, like

  1. the big canvas hanging slightly skew
  2. the beautiful light in Kendra’s bedroom
  3. the hand towel I should swop out to match with the bath mat
  4. the way the light shines on my wooden floors in the lounge
  5. how much I love my yellow desk

I even gave myself a challenge to take photos in the kitchen with unwashed dishes, and make it look good 🙂

See your space with new eyes |

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that sometimes we need to literally take a photo of our spaces to really see them – you might have got used to the clutter in your space and this helps you see your space properly again.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this situation. You buy some clothes, come home, toss the bag in your bedroom and a week later it’s still there. We’ve stopped seeing it because our eyes are now used to that clutter.

This is why I like to get my donated things out and into the boot (trunk) of the car before it becomes a new item of “furniture” in my house that I get used to.

*ahem* I have a box of books in my sunroom….

If there’s a space in your home frustrating you, take a photo and see if you can spot what it is you need to do.

When was the last time you took photos of your home?

– Both big canvases (size A0) printed by Mojo Printing who I thoroughly recommend. I used a number of printers until I found them – they are my favourites and will courier anywhere in the country.

– Chevron rug by Airloom, bought via

– Couches and pillows from Mr P Home

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  1. I love this! I take a photo of my boys for example and then notice all the clutter around them. Great suggestion Marcia. Happy Easter!
    and Happy!!!

    • So true!

      Happy Easter to you and your boys too – hope all the easter eggs don’t melt. I said to D this evening that this will be our first Easter with the kids where we’ll be in short-sleeved shirts!!! (26 degrees tomorrow)

  2. Fabulous idea. But I am scared to take photos right now. My life has been crazy recently and it is showing big time in my house. But you are so right right. We get used to seeing clutter and it becomes normal. I am going to definitely going to try this trick in future.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Don’t get overwhelmed, Terisha. Just work on the space that feels most like you would have joy from it when done. Then you can retreat to your happy space daily – your bedroom maybe?

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