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Printing photos | www. OrganisingQueen.com

I am definitely a printer of photos and when people hear this, I get three questions which I thought I’d address here today:

How do you print your photos?

I keep a flash drive specifically for printing. It’s even called To Print 🙂

On a monthly basis, I have folders called Jan to print, Feb to print, and so on. When I do my monthly photo organising, I copy photos to these folders.

Then when I’m ready, i.e. I have more than 50 photos (because the price comes down a bit), I copy them to my flash drive and go get them printed. This is about every 2 – 3 months, but when we have holiday photos too, then I just get them done. I don’t like a long to-do list.

My personal preference is Foto First because I love the quality, but sometimes I do use CNA. I must also give a shout-out to Epson who have twice let me review their printer, and it is AWESOME. You can print about 2000 pics on a single set of cartridges. When I have more space, I’m definitely getting myself one.

Printing photos | www. OrganisingQueen.com

What exactly do you print?

This is the easiest question.

I have boundaries but they’re very loose… I print what I’ve decided on, and for special occasion months I print more.

  • 4 photos of Kendra
  • 4 photos of Connor
  • 4 of them together
  • my Project Life photos – the fact that I have plenty printed of the kids already means I completely indulge and print photos of sunsets and leaves, or whatever takes my fancy that month

The kids’ birthday is in July so I print 8 each of them in July, and 8 in December because of holidays 🙂

How do you decide which photos to print?

I’m not looking for the prettiest photos of the kids but I am looking for story. My intention is that each kid will take their own albums one day, or they’ll leave it with us, and the point (for me) is to document the unique parts of the month/ age.

I’m also not looking for simply a chronological recapture of our life, like this is what we did in Jan 2016. To me that is a bit boring. I am looking for things that were different or things we particularly delight in (sunsets in winter!)

So when Connor was obsessed with lawnmowers, I have photos of him playing with his lawnmower. When he put  his sandals on the wrong feet, I have a photo.

When Kendra was obsessed with a particular dress/ skirt, I have a picture of her in it. When they were in a climbing phase, I have pictures of them climbing in the sunroom and on the security gate.

I also have PLENTY pics of them screaming their heads off, because crazy as that is, it was indeed our life  🙂

I hope this has been helpful to some of you. Please let me know in the comments if you have any more questions and I’ll answer them there.

How often do you print your photos?

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  1. Thanks for addressing this. I print photos too but just to scrapbook. I also started travel albums but they haven’t been updated for the past 3 years. The cost of printing put me off updating the albums. As it is I spend quite a bit just to print my scrapbook photos. I am really think of getting the printer you mentioned. Is the quality the same as the foto first?

    • Marcia Francois says

      To be honest, I don’t think home printing is ever going to be “photolab quality” but that Epson comes close, especially when you use the proper Epson photo paper.

  2. I rarely print pictures. I’m even contemplating converting my wedding pictures into a photo book. My parents like pictures so I print for them but not so much these days. I also use Fotofirst when I print because a professional photographer told me that have very good quality. I’ve used CNA a few times but hardly ever Ko.dak.

    I’ve chose pictures just for chronological age but also choose ones that I find memorable. I’ve learnt a few tips from this on choosing pictures. I’m about to do 2015 pictures

  3. Thanks for sharing


  1. […] I thought I had excellent photo boundaries. I only print 4 photos per kid per month. And for Project Life, I print about 6 – 8 photos a month, which is really very little. You can read more about my process here. […]

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