How I organise my library books

This is a really simple system that works very well for me with regard to my library books… and best of all, it keeps my bedside table uncluttered.

Here’s my thought process for deciding which ones to get from the library and which to buy.


First, let me introduce you to my library bag. I bought this bag in Melbourne, Australia for $5 when we visited in 2004. By the way, my favourite type of souvenir to buy when we travel are “real things” that I will actually use back in my real life when I’m home.

So, this bag is denim on the outside with a little pocket for our library cards (mine and the kids’ cards) and best, it has a lovely pink floral print on the inside. It feels special because that’s a nice, little surprise.

It has leather handles so it’s hard-wearing and is the perfect size for four fat library books. I’m on a membership that is free but you can only take out 4 books every 3 weeks. I love organising boundaries so this suits me beautifully.


Anyway, when I get home from the library, I empty the bag and pack the books on this magazine rack. From this photo, it seems I’d already taken one book to my bedside table. The books on the other side of the rack were books I bought at a library book sale for R10 each.


As I complete reading a book, my process is to mark it complete on Goodreads (link on top of sidebar —> ) and return it to the denim bag.

When it’s library week, I just grab the bag and the one I’m usually still reading on my bedside table, and go!


Do you have a system for the library? Care to share?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your method. I usually leave them in a pile on my table which doesn’t look that good. I should probably try a dedicated library bag. I usually put them in an empty PNP grocery bag which I keep in the boot of my car when I go to return /borrow them. Never thought of actually keeping them in a bag n the house too.

  2. We actually don’t!
    Their books get read. Then they put it back into their library bags. We grab bags and go when we need to do a library visit.

  3. I think I recognize something on that bag… I have a bookclub bag (same idea) – I actually just leave the books in the bag and mark them in my bookjournal (that also stays in that bag) and Goodreads. For the kids’ library books I have a different system as it comes from school and goes back there. I have one of those plastic trolleys with 3 drawers – one for each kid. The library books stay in there – they read and return every day because I am not going to search the house every Wednesday evening for books to hand in. Also anything like extra work sheets, additional books and Sunday school books live there

    • Marcia Francois says

      Indeed you do! I love my brooch 🙂

      I love your idea about the cart for the kids’ school stuff. Now if only we got those cute metal Ikea trays here in SA 🙂

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