Children’s capsule wardrobes


A few things I want to quickly mention:

  • my kids are 6.5 (nearly 7 if you listen to them!) and I’ve long stopped buying clothes for future years
  • they do have some things, mainly gifts from people that are too big for the current year so these get put away til the next warm/ cold season


I had an aha moment when I started Konmari-ing my own clothes last August.

  1. First, the kids have way too many things if we have to rotate clothes (newly washed clothes go to the back of the pile)
  2. There’s so much that I don’t plan to buy anything until they outgrow clothes
  3. Capsule wardrobes are the in thing. When you have to think of mixing and matching, it becomes a whole new set of work.


I put my new capsule wardrobe theory to work in the summer…. the hot, 8-month long summer.

Kendra needed some strappy tops so I got her two tops that would match with everything else in her wardrobe.

Connor needed two sleeveless tops too and I did the same, less picky, because he wears denim shorts a lot.


The benefits during our holiday in Cape Town were huge:

  • everything “went” with everything else – surprisingly navy goes with neon orange, green and hot pink 🙂
  • I didn’t need to make sets (as I’ve always done) – I just tossed 5 tops and 5 pairs of shorts/ skirts in the suitcase and that was that – happy, happy days for me!
  • they dressed so quickly every day because it was easy

While Konmari-ing their clothes, I also decided to not waste my time “forcing” the kids to wear some clothes, e.g. gifts. If they told me they hated something, I donated the item even if they hadn’t worn it at all or enough. I really don’t have the energy to insist they wear things. And to be fair, I won’t wear things I hate either.

Once those items were out of the house, I felt happier so it worked.

I’ve told my mom (who loves buying clothes for gifts) to also rather not buy clothes anymore unless pyjamas – both my kids LOVE pyjamas. I think they get that from me 🙂 So that’s what she did for Christmas – pjs and money!


This winter we’ve done the same – everything goes with everything. I had to replace one or two pairs of pants and I’m being very strict – it either matches with everything or doesn’t come home with me 🙂

The kids are happy and so am I.

Have you thought of doing capsule wardrobes for your kids?


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  1. K is 2, so because he seems to still be growing so quickly we only do capsule wardrobe for him. Everything must work together because he picks out what he wants to wear, and I need to feel that at least it kinda/mostly works. So we’ll probably stick to doing it this way.

  2. My wardrobe is mostly like that … though there is far far too much of it, I harbor the belief that I WILL get back into the clothing I was wearing before the big wreck 6 years ago and the stress that put far too many pounds on me. …. I don’t worry about Dh or the two big girls – they get what they want and I stay out of it. …. For the two kids, if they won’t wear it, I toss it. I try to match things (so that they have multiple outfits with the same shorts/pants/tops) but they do have outfits. Most of Rue’s is hand me down or second hand – and most of Jls is second hand. We go to one sale every spring that is “stuff a bag” and bring home almost anything we find – if we don’t like it, I pass it around through the cousins. Usually, the boy stuff isn’t so bad to match up, as he has jeans, but he ends up with a lot of weird colored gym shorts! We don’t go out much – so I don’t care if he doesn’t really match. It always surprises me though when it’s time to clean their closets and drawers at how much MORE they seem to have than what I’m sure I put in their drawers the last go around! LOL ….. LOVE the idea of less … but since I’ve not spent much more than the cost of socks and underware for any of my kids for years – I guess I can’t get too upset if the shirts and shorts multiply while I’m not looking!

  3. I rarely buy clothing for my kids. I ALWAYS requests these as gifts and my family are VERY good about that. I do buy basics (underwear/socks/school uniforms/shoes/swimming costumes/pyjamas/thin tops.
    Last weekend my friend reminded me about something that “I” taught her nearly 15 years ago. Apparently I advised her to only buy an item of clothing if it matched with a minimum of 3 pieces in her cupboard. Otherwise she would need to buy a whole new wardrobe. She’s taken this lesson into her entire life! I’m so chuffed. And flattered that she would remember MY (frugal) tips!
    I DO adopt a similar philosophy with kids clothing. In fact, I only buy when they REALLY need. They definitely don’t have too much clothing.

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