Which is your desert island item of make-up?

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I’m sharing my make-up “routine” today to show you how I keep it simple and easy, which saves me lots of time.

  1. After my face is clean, I use Olay complete care day fluid (moisturiser). I’ve tried others (I’m not sure why!) but I always come back to this one so I’m not messing around anymore. It is light, non-greasy and goes on very easily. More importantly, one bottle lasts me 6 months and only costs R90.


2. Then comes Garnier BB cream. I love this one. I’ve used another Garnier one before that left my face too oily but this one is perfect.

3. Maybelling eyeliner

4. Cheap eyeshadow on my light eyebrows


5. Lip liner – once you start you can’t stop using lip liner. It really keeps your lipstick on longer. I prefer a pencil and usually use a house brand one from Clicks. Pictured is the Smudge brand, and the Essence one, and there’s a Yardley retractible liner there too but that one’s broken already with only two applications. I think I probably have too heavy a hand.

6. My favourite lipstick is currently Rimmel’s 066 Heather Shimmer (they have two Heather Shimmer colours – I found that out the hard way!) followed closely by Yardley’s Nude long-lasting colour

And that’s it. Nothing earth-shattering but it makes me look like the best natural-looking version of myself 🙂

This is not all my make-up – I have 8 other lipsticks; some are “summer” ones, others are spares for my work bag, etc. 🙂

If I could take one make-up item to a desert island, it would be lipstick. What would your item be?

This is my previous post on make-up – I see not very much has changed 🙂

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  1. I would take a good moisturiser with the highest SPF. Island = lots of swimming. Any other make up would just be a complete waste of time!

  2. Mascara for sure! (I once read that a famous movie star said tweezers! Can’t remember if it was Elizabeth Taylor but it was someone of her caliber.) Without mascara, I feel invisible.

    When I was in Pretoria in February, I stopped in at a mall and went to a proper make-up store. I told them I felt I was fading as I am aging and any tips? She suggested more pinks in my lipstick and blush (which I don’t wear) so I’ve been experimenting since. Good thing I have 8 ladies I can pass things off to if I buy a miss rather than a hit. (Not to make you jealous but one store in the US has a return policy on cosmetics, even once used. If you don’t like it, you return it!)

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