What’s making me happier this week (1)

Gretchen Rubin has a little 1 – 2-minute podcast on a Monday which is called A Little Happier, just a quick inspiration for the week ahead.

I thought I would do a similar thing on this blog but I’d share a couple of small things that are making me a LOT happier.

I actually have 3 for this week but I only have a photo of the one, so I’ll post the others in weeks to come.


this is the nice, bright light and bonus – it also makes cool patterns on the wall 🙂

At some point we swopped out our regular lightbulbs for the energy-efficient ones. The problem is that the energy-efficient ones were only available in a much lower wattage (?) for the fittings we had (bayonet).

A few days ago I woke up early and turning on the lamp hardly did a thing in terms of light.

That was my trigger because I really wanted to read instead of scrolling Instagram.

I went to get a proper lightbulb and I swear my happiness increased 100-fold.


Now I love reading in bed again. I read TWO books this weekend with my nice, bright bedside lamp 🙂

I’ve previously referred to these tiny annoyances as tolerations and you can read more about them at that link.

Which tolerations are you putting up with that you can fix super-quick?

What’s making you a little (or a lot) happier this week?

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