What I learned in May

11-01 2413

  1. 1 year on Instagram has been super fun

2. 4 years since my book was published (go get your $4 copy!) and it still feels unreal


3. 2 years of Fitbitting 🙂 Here’s 1 year with my Fitbit.

Let’s talk some more about this:

I’m not sure what happened but while I still wear my Fitbit diligently, I almost don’t really care about reaching step goals anymore. I think it started with our long, hot summer (8 months is a super long time to be too hot) but it could have been before that. I still wear the bracelet because I am mildly interested in seeing what I get to… but mostly I wear it because I love the sleep stats. Super love them.

You may remember that I had a serious goal at the beginning of last year to increase my sleep. That worked beautifully and so I continue to track my time this year because I’ve found that what I measure, I manage better. And I’m constantly at my 7 hours 30 mins of daily sleep which is great. I sleep way more than this some days which balances out the occasional 6.5 hour nights.

4. I can read 3 non-fiction books in a month. Yes, that’s what happened this month. I’m surprised too because I thought my absolute top limit was two books in a really, really good month.

5. When you don’t rest properly if you’re a bit ill, your body takes longer to heal. I know, all you clever clogs learned this long ago. It’s just a really bad time for me to be a bit ill, what with Spanish exams looming, 2 big business things happening at my real work and the not-so-small matter of selling and buying houses.

6. Konmari really works. We have move dates so I went through a few rooms thinking, ” I need to declutter so I can pack” and…. I threw out 3 knives, a pair of pants and a top. That’s awesome 🙂 If you’re thinking of moving, do Konmari 🙂

IMG_86257. I actually can mess up my Bullet Journal. I’ve started to consciously write nonsense in there too because it’s not a shrine to plannerly goodness; it’s a notebook, for goodness sake.

Bonus – it is really fun to washi up some pencils. Try it and see. I grabbed everyone’s pencils at work and in one client phone call, washi’d them all 🙂


Go on then, tell me. What did you learn in May?

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  1. Are you moving? I’m missing so much since my Google Reader quit a couple of years ago. Feedly is ok – just not the same. I know it’s because I have to roll all the way to the top of a post to click that it is read, instead of the bottom.

    I got a FitBit just before May started. While I can’t say I’ve had stellar results – no weight lost – and my sleep is not as great as it needs to be – too many late nights right now, because I can’t focus on work if I’m half or more focused on the kids. …. BUT trying to get to 6,000 steps every day has made me a LOT more conscious of moving and exercising. 5,000 steps wasn’t too hard, but I really have to push to get in another 1,000. On a normal pre-FitBit day, I probably only did 3000 to 4000 steps. Not good. And without my Fitbit, I would have slid right back into bad habits, because about day 10 I was super discouraged – no weight lost and I was exhausted and in a lot of pain.

    THEN I noticed that my heart rate had a sub menu to chart your heart rate average daily. To my surprise, my resting heart rate had dropped nearly 10bpm. And that was good! So I kept going.
    I hit 6000 now most days, and occasionally top 7,000, not easy when you’re road Ts into a very busy shoulderless highway, and it’s only 1/2 mile from end to end and full sun all summer, full shade all winter…. not a pleasant place to walk most days. Now I’ve been wearing it almost 40 days. And my walking heart rate is also about 20bpm’s lower, I’m not as out of breath so easily, and I have more energy to tackle tasks. Still the same weight, but some of my clothes are feeling less tight.

    I also learned just about a tool at Prezi.com … and I think it’s going to be a game changer for our next homeschool year. I’m in love!

    • Marcia Francois says

      Rachel, yes – we’re moving… 1 km away 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ve hardly shared about it as I don’t want people asking too much about progress because then I just feel pressure 😮

      Do you have the newer Fitbit because I don’t see that I can track heart rate? That is awesome progress, by the way. 10 – 20 bpm lower is outstanding. Yay for all your progress!

      PS Laura left you a comment here http://www.marciafrancois.com/blog/2016/05/30/what-i-learned-in-may/#comment-75794

      • Think I might like the Old Reader. It still has it’s quirks ,… maybe I’ll keep Feedly for the stuff that I scan quickly and decide yea or nay from the title, and use the Old Reader for blogs I really like to READ! Thanks Laura!!!! In my search 2/3 years ago – I tried out dozens of readers, but never tripped on this one!

  2. Marcia – the Fitbit that I HAD to have – and went to a lot of trouble to get (long story) was on my wrist for about one whole month. When I saw that I routinely walk about 15000 steps a day (chasing all these little boys around!) I stopped wearing it because it wasn’t going to motivate me to walk more! I think I will save it for my US trips to get me walking more when I am there, as I don’t do nearly as much. Hmm – I’m not even sure where it is!

    For RR above, if you see this comment, when Google Reader ended I was so upset but I found Theoldreader.com – it ends up being exactly the same once you set it up.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Laura, thanks for leaving the comment about your Google Reader replacement. I need to try it out 🙂

      Also, WOW – 15 000 steps!!! But keep wearing it – and track your sleep or something else. Do you know you can edit your dashboard to show you only what you’re interested in seeing? E.g. I don’t want to see calories but I do want to track my water.

  3. Glad to be your neighbour over at Emily’s linkup! Your washi tape comments made me chuckle, too awesome 😉


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