What’s making me happier this week (2)

I started a little feature on the blog two weeks ago which is actually the perfect start to the week for living intentionally inspiration.


This week my pool cover is making me so happy for a number of reasons:

  1. I don’t have to see the green pool in winter
  2. it looks neater
  3. it prevents water from evaporating which means we save money
  4. in summer, it will keep the heat in the pool
  5. it cost much less than what I thought it would

I’m really not sure why it took us nearly 11 years to find out about pool covers but I’m loving it! When we get to the new house, I’m ordering one immediately 🙂

We’re paying a fortune for water these days so any bit helps.

What’s making you really happy this week?

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  1. Great feature and good for perspective! One thing making me happier is not making school lunches!

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