What’s making me happier this week? 4

As you know, I am packing up my house.

When I get back from work, after supper and sorting out the kids, I’m packing. Up to last Thursday I also practised my flamenco in between the packing.

It can get very boring but what’s making me happier this week is listening to podcasts while I pack.

(I have a post on my list of blog to-dos to update you on my current favourite podcasts but for now, I’ll share one I love, love, love.

Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Here’s the thing, is fantastic.


Dion and I were analysing it this morning on the way to work and we decided that aside from his fabulous voice (me!), and his great interviewing skills, he is also an actor and people therefore share more with him.

Anyway, it’s just magic!

I’ve listened to about 6 episodes and I recommend the ones with Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel and Molly Ringwald. Mickey Rourke’s one is also good if you don’t mind the salty language!

What’s making you happier this week?

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  1. Books, all the books.

  2. Kirstin says

    Thanks for recommending Alec Baldwin’s podcast series. I have listened to one so far – with Michael Pollan – and enjoyed it. I will definitely listen to some more. Alec Baldwin’s voice is indeed very fabulous.

    My favourite podcast series is “On being” by Krista Tippett; I listen to different episodes over and over again.


  1. […] Here’s where I wrote about why I like this show. […]

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