Seven on the seventh

This is the last Sunday photo of them at aged 6

Happy 7th birthday to my babies!

Today Kendra and Connor turn 7 and yes, they are growing up far too quickly, but it’s also so much fun now. The sleep deprivation is almost (!) just a memory now.

They write me notes and letters, and we have proper, interesting conversations/ negotiations.

They can read, do maths, play soccer, and Connor now runs faster than I can.

If only they listened better, they’d be perfect 🙂

They’ve had a great year so far settling into Grade 1 and we’re so proud of them.

These photos were taken on Sunday 10 April, week 15 of 52.


If you’re interested…





What is your best advice to give us as we parent our newly 7-year-olds?

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  1. Congratulations! She has those gloves on I see

  2. The most brilliant 7-year olds EVER! Congrats!

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