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This is a story about a kettle.

Before we moved to our old house nearly 11 years ago, I bought a new kettle thinking surely this one would break soon.


We’d already had it for about two years then, and this is not an expensive kettle by any means.

Well, we moved in, kept waiting for this kettle to expire and it just never did.

Last year when I Konmari’d the house, I finally donated the other kettle which was still new and in its box! You see, I have a strange attachment to this one now and I’m rather keen to see how long it will last.

It’s about 13 years old, and still going strong!

So here we are, 3 days in the new house, and I’m going to just keep enjoying using it. And when it needs to be replaced, I’ll go out and get a new kettle then.

This week, my 13-year-old kettle is making me very happy!


What’s making you happier this week?

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  1. It’s amazing how these little things can make a difference. So glad your kettle is still going strong! In PE my sister went a bit mad about the kettle being so dirty and it had a crack in it – it was one of the things I could do for my mom at that time to get a new kettle. She is literally living tea cup to tea cup so a reliable kettle is good! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  2. I had a kettle like this! It lasted us for 15 years! As a matter of fact, it was one of our wedding gifts.
    We only replaced it last year. Our new kettle is functional but I’m just NOT feeling it! I feel extravagant buying a kettle while we have a working one. So I am waiting until the end of 2016. I really cannot wait another 15 years!

  3. That is good service from the kettle. We bought a toaster and kettle set last May when we re-did our kitchen. The warranty was for a year and the kettle breaks in June, 1 month after the warranty expires. So annoying!!!

  4. It’s the little things that spark joy

    We had a microwave like that lasted years and years. We only got rid of it because of Rust

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