What I learned in October, and goals for November

As you know, this is my favourite time of the month.

It’s goals review time!   img_7227

So how was October?

I asked Connor (my 7-year-old) to help me with my review and we filled up almost a whole page with highlights 🙂

Aside from a few days where I was a tad too stressed for my liking at work, it was a great month.

1. A social media fast is really good for me.

I loved praying for people during my social media fast.

We received TWO offers during that week of prayer. We accepted one and now we’re waiting for the bond to come through.

2. I’m dreaming about not paying for two houses

How do people manage multiple properties? The mental load is just way too much, not to mention the expense. I’m going to be really glad when all our money can go towards paying for this house.


3. It feels really good to get things done off my to-do list

This month we automated our garage doors. Game changer. If you’re local and you need someone, I heartily recommend this company. I have not had such excellent service in years. It almost felt like a pleasure paying over the money.

We also did some boring things like get electrical and plumbing work done, and some exciting things like painting our kitchen cupboards. There’s a story to this which I will post about next month.


4. I’m really looking forward to the 5 Love Languages workshop on 19 November.

I’m super passionate about the 5 love languages. May I be so bold as to say even if you’ve read the book, I still recommend that you come to my workshop. There’s a different energy to learning with people, hearing things “live” vs reading from a book. I’ve read both books and attended two workshops – one as a participant and one to get certified as a facilitator.

5. I learned that I’m really quite grumpy if I can’t work from home now and again

I’ve had laptop problems – it basically only worked connected properly to the network with a cable! So it’s been very challenging.

Also, when I work from home, because I cut out commuting time (nearly 2 hours) I get to run a few errands during the day, keeping me on top of my life admin.


6. Intentional friendship is a really beautiful thing

I have all kinds of friends – both local and some that live far away. The far away friends and I often just arrange phone dates which is the best ever.

Or we whatsapp for 15 – 20 minutes and that’s also good. There’s also the option for voice messages which is so nice to get an unexpected treat during the day. I love it.

I also have friends who must have arrangements planned well in advance and some who you can phone up and say, “are you free for tea tomorrow? I’m going to be in the area” and they say yes, always.

7. Muscle memory is a real thing

I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn the complete spanish dance syllabus by exam time and while I’m not completely polished yet, I’ve been practising hours and hours every week, and that’s paid off. Perseverance and telling myself I just need to do it enough and it’ll (eventually) click. And it’s working.

11 days to the exam… and last night I had a dream where the examiner told me we’d run out of time and therefore I couldn’t do the dance, the one I’d been practising for weeeeeeeeeks on end. Ha!


For November I have one BIG goal – and that’s to NAIL my Spanish exams – and one important goal: for each person who comes to the 5 Love Languages of Children workshop to leave changed and understand exactly how to talk their kids’ love languages.

How was your October?

How do you create time for friendship?

Are you joining me for the workshop? If you’re not local, let me know if you’d like to book a 60-minute Skype session.

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  1. So my October goals didn’t go as planned – a deep bout of depression does that. I’m so sure the exams will go well. I recommend you move to CT, then I can come to the workshop :p

    Nov goals – finish assignments, get funding application forms in, more academic reading.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I hope your depression is on the up (as in you’re getting better and better, not that it is increasing). I’m really really happy to do a skype session with you 🙂

      Yay to all those finished assignments!

  2. Great Post! I love the idea of a social media fast. I found I can choose a day in which to unplug and it makes a big difference. Sometimes its simply unplugging from everything an hour before I go to bed so I can read.
    My post is found here:

    • Marcia Francois says

      Definitely unplugging before bed is the best! I have such good sleep when my phone is charging in the other room.

      I read your post, Paula, and loved it. I especially love the idea of a theme phrase for the month. I’m going after PEACE in November 🙂

  3. October was even better than September. I am being mindful of the fact that it’s year end and that I usually become overwhelmed. So basically I am saying NO to a lot of things and taking care of myself with good eating, enough sleep, exercise and just enough (not too much) connection. I am also becoming aware of the fact that I need to plan better. So financial recovery (VERY HARD) plans are being sorted.
    I did enjoy unplugging from SM for the week. I will definitely do it every 6 weeks or so. I realised that I have SO MUCH TIME to do other things if I am not distracted by SM!


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